AP Stamps and Registration: Search EC @IGRS AP

This the era of technology, many things can be made easy with the help of technology. Today when you look around your self you might find yourself surrounded by different types of gadgets and accessories. These things reduce human efforts and increase efficiency. There is a great scope for the government to integrate technology into its operations. Because it will be very convenient for the common people. Well if we talk about some government departments then they gave already started with launching their web portals. In this article, we are going to talk about a portal related to ap stamps and registration. This portal is known as IGRS, it is an official government portal in Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from that, we will also discuss the procedure to search Encumbrance Certificate (EC) on this portal. So definitely this is going to be a very useful and knowledgable article. If you are interested in getting all this knowledge make sure to read this article till the end.

AP Stamps and Registration: Search EC on IGRS

So before talking about different procedures related to the encumbrance certificate, first let’s discuss some facts regarding this IGRS portal. Actually it a portal launched by the state government of Andhra Pradesh. This portal operates under the Registration and Stamps department of the state government. Here stamps and registration are related to land property. The IGRS portal is designed and developed by the National Information Center whereas this site is maintained and updated by the Registration & Stamps Department of the state government.

This portal provides various services related to stamps and registration in AP. Many people use this portal to search for their encumbrance certificate or popularly known as EC. It is a very important document related to land. Every month this website receives hundreds and thousands of users.

The IGRS portal has a very basic and simple user interface. With such an interface it becomes very easy for the users to use this portal. Apart from the search for the EC people can also use services such as to verify EC, Duty Fee Calculator, Village Directory, etc. here on this portal. We will talk about their procedures in the latter part of this article.

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Procedure to Search Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

As we have already told you that many people use this portal to search EC. So now it is the time when we should discuss the procedure to search EC on this portal:-

Step 1- First of all visit the official website of IGRS.

Step 2- Straight away you will land on the homepage of the website. On this homepage go to the “Services” section.

Step 3- Now under this section you will find the “Encumbrance Search (EC)”. Click on this option.

EC ap
EC ap

Step 4- After you click on this option it will take you to a new page. On this page, you will have to read all the instructions carefully and then click on the “Submit” button.

Step 5- This will take you to the “Search for Encumbrance” page. On this page, you will have to select the search criteria.

Step 6- You will have three options to make your choice, these three options are namely year of Registration Field, Document No. Or Memo No. and None.

Step 7- After this fill in the captcha code correctly.

Step 8- In the end click on the “Submit” button to view the details.

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EC Application Procedure

To get an encumbrance certificate first you have to apply for the same. With the help of the IGRS portal, you can do it. You can follow the below steps to apply for EC.

Step 1- First of all visit the official website of IGRS.

Step 2- Scroll down on the homepage of the website and click on the “Online EC” option under the “New Initiatives” section.

Step 3- This will take you to a new login page. On this page click on the “Click Here” button to become a member if you are already not.

Step 4- Now the citizen registration form will appear on your screen. Need all the instructions carefully before filling the form. In this form, you will have to enter your details such as name, password, User ID, mobile no., aadhar card, etc. After this enter the captcha code correctly.

Step 5- In the end click on the “Submit” button to complete your registration process on the portal.

Step 6- Now using your login credentials login to the portal.

Step 7- Then on the homepage of the portal click on the “Online Services” option and select encumbrance certificate.

Step 8- Then enter the Document number, Registration year, and SRO name or code.

Step 9- Property details will appear on your screen, click on the Next button. Then select the unsigned certificate option.

Step 10- In the end click on the “Print” option to download the Encumbrance Certificate.

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EC (AP Stamps and Registration)

As we all know EC is a very important document. But many people still don’t understand its features and where it is used. So for such people let me tell you that EC is a document that contains all the important information about a particular piece of land. This is a document that guarantees that a property is free from all types of legal and monetary liabilities. These certificates contain information regarding all the transactions done on the property. EC is also used to confirm that the title owner of the particular piece of land. This certificate contains information such as the name of the owner of the land, all the details regarding the previous transaction of the land.

This is a document that is used at the time of buying or selling any land. Because this single certificate can give a lot of useful information regarding the property. Apart from it also needed at the time of applying for the loan from a bank.

Final Words 

So friends this was all the information regarding the AP Stamps and Registration and IGRS portal. The IGRS portal is really a very useful portal for the common people in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This portal really saves a lot of time and effort for the people. It provides a wide variety of services to the people. On this portal, you can also chech the stamp duties, user charges, and registration fees as well. Apart from that it also provides a service of registration of Hindu marriages.

We have tried to give you all the information that you need. If you like this article feel free to share it with your friends.

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