DDA Housing Scheme 2021: Online Registration, Live DDA Draw & Result

DDA Housing Scheme, it is an initiative by the Development Authority Delhi taking into account the increasing inflated flat’s price. It can be seen that the citizens are unable to afford a flat and therefore, in order to overcome such a situation, through this scheme, flats are being offered at a lower rate to the citizens belonging to all sections of society. Scheduled castes and tribes, general category, widows, backward classes, etc., are all covered herein. It is given to the citizens on the basis of draws.

On the basis of the above information, this article has been prepared to provide complete details about the DDA Housing Scheme, including the benefits, eligibility criteria, process of application, objectives of the scheme and much more. Give a read to know more.

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Table of Contents

DDA Housing Scheme- Small And Affordable Flats 2021

  • Under the scheme, the Development Authority of Delhi will be building small and affordable flats.
  • The flats in the first phase of the scheme are being built for some of the small families that are located at 3 locations, including the Jahagir Puri, Dwarka and Dilshad Garden.
  • The flats, they would be 60-sq metres.
  • The Delhi Development Authority they have also given permission to disposing of some of the residential plots of certain groups so as to assure the house’s construction on the freehold basis using the e-auction.
  • For the shops, the pricing policies of DDA have also changed.
  • There has been a reduction in the reserve price to around 30%- 50%.
  • The e-auction has also been scheduled in 2021 in August month.
  • The manufactured shops, they will be a part of the e-auction given the revised rates.

Draft Master Plan 2041- Preparation

  • DDA has prepared the Draft Master 2041.
  • The master plan has also been initially approved.
  • As per the master plan, it has been proposed that Delhi Disaster Management Authority, they should constitute the State of Art Delhi Disaster Response Force, as this will provide effective actions in a very unexpected time, i.e., disaster.
  • Apart from this, the draft disaster response protocol, it will also be developed. It will outline the procedure that is required for being followed during disaster times.
  • Guidelines and Emergency response plans will also be prepared by the service-providing agencies to make sure that essential services can be delivered and ensured during disasters.

Draft Master Plan 2041- Suggestions And Feedbacks

  • This draft is available in the public domain, and the citizens can either provide suggestions on it or even file objections.
  • After all the suggestions and objections will be received, the master plan 2041 will get implemented by the year-end.
  • The government, for this purpose, has launched a portal called MPD- 2041 for providing feedback and opinion.
  • This plan will be around 448 pages and is aimed at making Delhi safer, liveable and sustainable with the housing that it will offer at an affordable rate.
  • The new plan will replace the operational master plan of Delhi 2021, which worked from 7th February 2007.
  • The previous plan has changed by the reviews that are ongoing considering the pandemic and the increased population.

DDA Housing Scheme 2021- Special Draw

  • On the 2nd of January 2021, DDA Housing Scheme 2021 was launched.
  • It offered 1354 flats which were priced in between INR 8 lakhs to INR 2 crores.
  • Many citizens have already applied under the scheme and 1353 housing units, it has already been allotted by March 10th.
  • Currently, DDA plans to launch July 2021 special draw, which will give 550 people a chance to get to the shops and flats in Delhi.
  • The draw will be conducted for waiting list applicants of the scheme, and it will offer 300-flats and 250-shops.
  • As per the announcement by DDA officials, the draw will be done in July.

Registration Fees Submission- By 30th June 2021

  • Application, allotment and the payment of the draw, the entire process will be done online.
  • The applicants on the waiting list can have to deposit registration fees.
  • The last date for submitting the registration fees is 2021, 30th June.
  • The candidates on the waitlist, they can view all of the details using the official portal.
  • Waitlist has 239 from the general category, 3 ex-servicemen and also 17 disabled people. 52 applicants from the SC category, 25 from the ST category and also 3 are the war widows.
  • Discount 33%-50% is given on to the shop’s construction price by the DDA for the shops that are vacant in different Delhi areas.

DDA Housing Scheme 2021- Details

  • It was the decision of the chairman and Delhi Lieutenant governor, Anil Baijal, in the December 2020 last week that the DDA will be offering 1354 flats at sale in different Delhi locations.
  • The DDA was to launch 1354 flats under the scheme on 2nd January 2021 that would offer the flats in Mugal Puri, Vasant Kunj, Dwarka and Rohini.
  • In the above list, 1350 flats, 215 flats are of a high-income group that is located in the Jasola Vihar- Shaheen Bagh metro station, 352 flats of the middle-income group is located in Dwarka sector 19B, 15 flats are in the Vasant Kunj, 348 flats are in Dwarka sector 16, 276 flats for the economic weaker section is located in Dwarka’s Mugal Puri, and 4 flats are located in Vasant Kunj.
  • The DDA has also come up with the app called Awaas software. With this software, applicants will get a chance to complete all application formalities (payment or possession) online.
  • The applicants would require to give visit the DDA office for the process of conveyance deeds execution. One can access the software through the official portal. No preferential location charges would be there under the scheme.

DDA Flats Draw 2021

  • There have been 1354 DDA flats offered on 2nd January 2021.
  • The authority has received 33,000 applications till 16th February 2021, and in this list, 22,500 applicants, they already made the payment.
  • The entire scheme is online, and processing of the application, it is done using Delhi Development Authority, the Awaas software.
  • Flats, they are located in Rohini, Jasola, Vasant Kunj, Dwarka, Mugal Puri.
  • The draw for allotment of the DDA flats were to be held on 10th March 2021 at 11:00 am. The entire process will be done in front of the DDA senior officials and the Judge’s presence.
  • This draw, it will be based on the generation of random number and the entire process is online, which means live streaming.
  • The general public will be viewing draw’s live telecasts from mobile phones and the computer.

DDA Housing Scheme 2021- Key Highlights

  • The name of the scheme is DDA Housing Scheme.
  • The scheme has been launched by the Delhi Government.
  • The Delhi citizens are the beneficiaries under the scheme.
  • The objective of the scheme is to provide flats at a lower rate.
  • The official portal link of DDA is https://dda.org.in/

Master Plan Norms- Relaxation

  • The DDA relaxed norms in the master plan so that Delhi’s unauthorized colonies can form the group housing societies and then can get their scheme sanctioned. For this purpose, the new scheme was launched.
  • 2000 square metres is the minimum plot area instead of the 3000 square metres, and the plot will have access to a 12-metre road instead of 18-metre.
  • The proposal, it has been put on the portal of DDA so as to receive objections and suggestions from the citizens.
  • If the plots are able to fulfil the conditions (Parking norms and green spaces presence), in this case, there will be the formation of societies. The plot should also have 12-metre roads for allowing the ambulances easy entry.

Flats In Delhi- How To Get Relaxation In The Norms Of Master Plan?

  • There are 2 ways of opting for the scheme.
  • First is that the people who own vacant land, they come together to form the developer entity by submitting the regeneration scheme at the office of local authorities.
  • Second is that the existing houses and new societies being formed can be raised with much better spaces and facilities.
  • DDA is giving incentives for the redevelopment process, and for the 2nd choice, the citizens will be required to prepare the layout plans and approve them by the DDA.
  • Unauthorized colonies, they will have to fulfil the requirements like fire tenders access, building’s structural safety, common open area, educational facilities, etc.
  • On 23rd October 2020, the ownership rights were provided to 40 lakh residence (1731 unauthorized colonies) by DDA to citizens registered in PM UDAY Yojana.

DDA Housing Scheme Current Status

  • 47,000 applications have been received to date by DDA for the New Housing Scheme. In this, 46,500 registrations were received, 9000 applications submitted, and payment was received from 2325 applicants.
  • High-income and Middle-income group have 1011 flats in which 254 flats (costs in between INR 68.62 lacs- INR 2.14 crores for area coverage 87.9sqm- 177.3sqm) of high-income is in Rohini, Jasola, Dwarka, Vasant Kunj and 757 flats (costs in between INR 40.64 lacs- INR 1.24 crores for an area of 64.04sqm- 129.98sqm) of middle-income are in Vasant Kunj, Dwarka, Madipur, Rohini, Jahangir puri. 
  • The flats are located in better areas that are well-connected with the public transport system.
  • All the flats have better space, sewerage treatment plants and parking lots.
  • There are also 291 flats available for the economically weaker sections, and 52 flats are available for the people with lower income.

DDA Housing Scheme– Schedule

  • Registration began on 2nd January 2021.
  • Registration ended on 16th February 2021.
  • The last date for making payment for the application fees was 16th February 2021.
  • Date of the draw- will be launched soon.
  • The last date for refunding the amount to the successful candidates is 30 days after the unsuccessful draw.
  • The allotment date- will be announced soon.
  • Possession will be made after the process of allocation and the first payment.

DDA Flat Registration- Application Fee

Under the scheme, 215 flats are there for the 3-bhk category. They are all located in Jasola, and it costs around INR 1.97- INR 2.14 crores. There are 13 flats, the location of which is Vasant Kunj costing around INR 1.43- INR 1.72 crores. The scheme has also been linked under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to the credit-linked subsidy scheme.

Even though in the previous year, the DDA Housing Scheme 2020 didn’t receive a good response, the officials are expecting better for this year for the payment of the application money according to the category. The amount of application for different categories has been said below.

  • INR 2 lacs for Higher-income group
  • INR 2 lacs for Middle-income group
  • INR 1 lac for Lower-income group
  • INR 25,000 for the economically weaker section.
  • INR 15,000 for 1BHK.

DDA Flats Housing Scheme 2021

In the Vasant Kunj, Mangla puri, Jasola and Dwarka areas, there are, 

  • For LIG category, there are 52 flats in Delhi.
  • For the EWS category, there are 291 flats in Delhi.
  • For the MIG category, there are 757 flats in Delhi.
  • For the HIG category, there are 254 flats in Delhi.

DDA Housing Scheme- Awaas Software

  • The scheme is being implemented through Awaas Software.
  • All formalities, including application, possession and payment, etc., will all be done online.
  • For conveyance deeds execution, the applicants will be required to visit the office of DDA.
  • As part of the cost of flats, the scheme includes the premium cost, surcharge on land premium, cost of the construction.
  • The unit cost will be required to be deposited within 90 days, and the allottee would be receiving the possession letter, digitally signed for the flat, and they would be required to upload all the self-attested copies as asked.
  • The applicants will also be required to reserve the physical possession date and the execution deed date online.
  • The DDA flats allotted within the scheme will not be transferable or saleable for the next 5 years.

DDA Housing Scheme- Update About January

  • The DDA is offering the rental flats at the affordable rate in the upcoming months.
  • The flats will be offered under the scheme, which will benefit DDA, as there are so many vacant flats that will be used.
  • People needs rental flats with their postings and transfers. Within the scheme, the needs are guaranteed with 100% success.
  • A meeting was held chairing Mr Anil Baijal, the Delhi lieutenant governor and some other senior DDA officials, including the vice president, and they altogether discussed the affordable rental accommodation.
  • Instructions have also been given about the affordable scheme implementation by the lieutenant governor.
  • Next meeting will be held soon to discuss more about the scheme that will benefit the DDA as the vacant flats will be finally used and will be given on rent, which in turn will bring the economic benefit to DDA.

DDA Housing Scheme- Bookings Of 1210 Flats

  • 23rd December 2020, on this date meeting, was conducted with the lieutenant for the launch of the scheme in 2021. The scheme was first launched in 2021 January and then was to be re-launched in March.
  • Under the scheme, there are 1210 flats for sale to all sections of the society, including higher and middle-income groups and the economically weaker section.
  • 230 flats for higher income, 704 flats for middle income and 276 flats for low-income, located in Mughal Puri, Vasant Kunj, Dwarka and Jasola.

DDA Housing Scheme- Changes In Payment

  • As the complete process in 2021 is online, application fees will be paid online. 
  • Previously, banks provided payment links on the portal, but now applicants can make it through the software portal on their own. 
  • Housing software had some changes, the testing for which is completed.

DDA Housing Scheme- New Update

  • Additional fees will be required to be paid under the DDA Housing Scheme to book the flat. The fee has not yet been decided.
  • This amount is determined on the basis of green area, flat floor, etc.
  • PWD, they will not be paying any extra fee for booking the flat of choice.
  • Slums living people are given houses under Delhi’s in-situ project.
  • Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, 40% of builders land FAR is increased to 300.
  • The investors were not interested before in the in-situ projects, and the reason was low FAR.
  • 8049 square metres of the land has also been given to South Delhi Municipal Corporation for setting up the waste disposal plant in the Gazipur.

Concession For DDA Housing Scheme

  • Inflation is increasing fast, and it is making it difficult for people to afford their own house. 
  • To tackle the situation government launched the DDA Housing Scheme 2020 so as to assure people who are unable to afford their house because of financial problems to have one.
  • Applicants under the scheme are given INR 5lacs discounts on the flat.
  • 1000 flats have also been built for the widow women in Rohini and Narela, and these will be provided at a cheaper rate- 10-40% less.

DDA Flats- Online Application Form

  • Under the scheme, flats were distributed in 2020, and in 2019, there was the distribution of 18,000 flats on sale.
  • Currently, the allotment will be by lucky draw through the computers. It will help reduce the chance of cheating or fraud.
  • Citizens interested can make an application through the official portal.

Registered National Bank List Under DDA Flat Scheme

  • Axis Bank
  • Central Bank of India
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • IDBI Bank
  • Induslnd Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Yes Bank

Eligibility Criteria

  • Citizen of India
  • Applicant should be at least 18 years or more
  • Citizens previously who received a benefit, they cannot apply here 2nd time

DDA Housing Scheme- Documents Required

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • PAN Card
  • Residence proof
  • Mobile number

DDA Housing Scheme- Flat Booking Registration

  • Visit the official portal of DDA and make sure to read the DDA flat booking procedure better (https://dda.org.in/).
  • The homepage will appear. dda housing scheme
  • Now, one will be required to register on the website.
  • In order to do so, one will be required to enter the name, PAN card, email ID, DOB, etc., in the registration form. dda housing scheme
  • Once done, click on the option submit.
  • A user id and password will be generated and sent to the registered mobile number.
  • One will be required to use the credentials for logging in.
  • Again, a registration form will be provided wherein one will be required to provide the personal details, including the address, bank account details and others as asked.
  • Next, upload the photo and signature and tick on the checkbox for declaration.
  • Once done, submit the form, and a new screen will appear. Herein one will see the registration number, fees and date of registration.
  • Then pay the application amount through net banking/NEFT/RTGS. Do it by clicking on make payment.
  • A screen will appear right in front where one will see the application number, the payment details, including the amount.
  • Once done, accept slip will appear on the screen. One can take a printout of it and secure it for future use.

DDA Housing Scheme- Login

  • On the homepage, click on the option DDA housing login.
  • Then, provide the user id and password and click on the option login. dda housing scheme
  • After login, one will get a final application form for the process of booking the 1354 flats in the location.

DDA Housing Scheme- How To Make Payment?

  • On the homepage, click on the option click on the payment. dda housing scheme
  • One will be redirected to the new page wherein one will see the option, online payment for DDA flats/plot/group housing property/cooperative society/unauthorized colonies. dda housing scheme
  • Click on the option, and one will be redirected to the new page wherein click on the option, make payment.
  • Once done, a new page will appear, wherein one needs to give the login details, including the mobile number, challan number, and the captcha code. dda housing scheme
  • Then click on the option login and once logged in, make the payment.

Check Payment Status- How To Do It?

  • On the homepage, click on the option payment.
  • A new will appear wherein one needs to click online payment for DDA flats/plot/group housing property/cooperative society/unauthorized colonies.
  • Next, click on the option payment status and enter the challan number. dda housing scheme
  • Then click on the option search, and the payment status will be provided on screen.

Current/Live Housing Scheme- How To View?

  • From the homepage, click on the option current/live housing scheme.
  • The list of the current/live housing scheme will be provided on the screen.  dda
  • One can get through the list and check the current/live list for the housing scheme.

Instant Flat Booking Online- How To Do It?

  • From the homepage, click on the option online instant flat booking. dda
  • One will get redirected to the new page wherein one needs to select the category and the locality. dda
  • Once done, click on the option search. dda
  • Then select the sector and pocket and click on search.
  • Then select block and click on search.
  • Now, all the flats available will be displayed on the screen. One can easily book making a selection. dda

DDA Housing Scheme- Searching Category-wise Flat Details

  • Visit the official portal of DDA and click on the option DDA Housing Scheme 2021 (https://dda.org.in/).
  • Then, one will get the category-wise DDA flat distribution details.
  • Then click on the option search, and the details will be displayed easily. dda flats

How Do Property Search?

  • From the homepage, click on the option property search.
  • A new page will appear on the screen wherein one will have 3 options, including- Search for DDA flats, Search for DDA plots and DDA group Housing flats. dda flats
  • Make a pick and click on it. Once done, one will be redirected to the new page wherein one would need to enter the details, including scheme, flat type, category, locality, block, etc. dda flats
  • Then click on search, and the property details will be provided on screen.

View Tenders- How To Do It?

  • From the homepage, click on the option Tenders. dda housing scheme
  • Once the link is clicked, the tenders list will be provided on screen. 
  • Select the link of choice and click on it. dda housing scheme
  • The required information will then be provided on screen. dda housing scheme

Debarred Contractor Details- How To View It?

  • On the homepage, click on the option Debarred contractor.
  • A new page will appear with the list of debarred contractors. flats in delhi
  • Click on the link of choice, and the information will be provided on screen.

Circulars- How To View It?

  • On the homepage, click on the option public notice and then circulars. flats in delhi
  • As the link is clicked, the circulars list will be provided on the screen. flats in delhi
  • Select the link and click on it, and the required information will be provided on screen.

View Orders- How To Do It?

  • On the homepage, click on the tab public notice and then select orders.
  • The list with all orders will be provided on screen. flats in delhi
  • Click on the order of the choice, and the required information will be provided on screen.

Feedbacks- How To Give It?

  • On the homepage, click on the option feedback.
  • Then, choose the category. flats in delhi
  • The feedback form will be provided on screen.
  • Make sure to enter required details correctly and then click on submit to give the feedback. flats in delhi

How To Lodge The Grievance?

  • On the homepage, click on the option grievance. dda
  • Then select the category, and the grievance form will be provided on screen. dda
  • Enter all the asked details in the form and click on submit.

How To View Grievance Status?

  • On the homepage, click on the option status of grievance in DDA. dda housing scheme
  • A new page will appear, wherein enter the user id and password along with the captcha code. dda housing scheme
  • Once done, click on submit.
  • Next, click on the option to check the grievance status.
  • One will be redirected to the new page wherein one would need to enter the reference number.
  • Once done, click on the option track status, and the status will be provided on screen.

Contact Us

The above article provided complete details about the DDA Housing Scheme. In case one still has any queries or concerns, connect with the concerned authorities through the below-mentioned details.

Department Related Queries

Connect with housing department through, 

  • Phone number- 1124661810
  • Address- D-block, Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi- 110023.

Technical Related Queries

  • Phone number- 1124658433
  • Address- B-block, Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi- 110023.


What is the DDA full form?

The full form of DDA is Delhi Development Authority.

Which areas are covered under the scheme?

Jasola, Dwarka, Vasant Kunj, Mangala puri are the 4 locations covered under the scheme.

What kind of flats are being given by DDA under the scheme?

HIG, LIG, MIG, Janta are some types that are being given under the DDA Housing Scheme.

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