E district Odisha Certificate: Apply Online, Application Status, Verification

E district certificate scheme, the scheme has been launched by Odisha Government for providing an online portal to the citizens for downloading and applying to get the certificates. This portal is an integrated manner for providing all services that are available under the district administration. It was launched on 28 December 2019 under the 5T model and has been launched under the department of revenue and disaster management. It is a huge step towards digitalization, and hopefully, it will keep up with the aim for which it has been set up.

Within this article, in respect to e district Odisha Portal, complete information has been provided, including the scheme benefits, the procedure for applying online, the procedure for checking the e District application status, verification and much more. Give a read to know better.

E district Odisha Certificate- What is it?

The e district certificates are the official documents with certain stated facts about the citizen that is provided from the end of the government for a varied purpose. Some of the e certificate which can be obtained through the portal includes income certificate, residence certificate, guardianship certificate, legal heir certificate, and much more. All of these certificates have different purposes, including getting government benefits or making an application for the scholarship. Sometimes it is even required for employment purposes, and therefore, if one is an Odisha citizen, they can easily apply for the certificates by visiting e district home of the portal. 

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E district Odisha certificate- Key highlights

  • This portal is an initiative by the Odisha Government.
  • The beneficiaries under this portal are the citizens of the state.
  • The objective of this portal is to make all of the government certificates available to the citizens using the online mode.
  • The official portal link is- https://edistrict.odisha.gov.in/ 
  • This portal has been made active for the usage of the citizens from 2021.

E District Odisha Certificate Portal- What is it About?

On 28 December 2019, under the 5t model, the e district Odisha certificate portal was launched by Mr. Naveen Patnaik, the chief minister of Odisha. Using this portal, the Odisha citizens will be able to get income certificate, residence certificates and much more to the online portal. No fees is being charged by the government for providing such certificates, and one can apply for the same just by following the procedure that has been provided for getting the certificates. One can even use the common service center, visit the same and make an application for the certificate which they need. 

In order to make sure that the portal functioning is maintained, the department which is responsible are,

  • The Government of India
  • The ministry of communication and information technology
  • The department of Electronics and information technology

All of them are making sure that one does not have to visit the government offices/tehsils to get the certificate. All the citizens need to do now is to visit the portal and apply for what they need.

E district Odisha Portal- Objectives

  • One of the major objectives of the edistrict Odisha Portal is to make government-provided certificates available online so that the government officers can get a bit of relaxation and they can maintain much more transparency within their work.
  • No middlemen will be there anymore for the process of getting the certificates.
  • With the help of this scheme, the government is making sure that the citizens, while they sit at home, can obtain the certificates they need by making online applications.
  • Students are mostly nowadays asked for submitting the online certificate, and by obtaining the certificate online through this scheme, the students will be able to get their e certificate and submit it easily.

E District Odisha Certificate- Benefits & Features

  • The help of this portal different government certificates will be provided to the public using the online mode.
  • Only the residents of Odisha are eligible for using this portal.
  • In order to get e certificates, residents need to apply online.
  • No fees is being charged by the government for issuing the certificates.
  • With the help of this e district Odisha portal, the citizens will no longer be required to visit tehsils or the government offices. This, in turn, will save a lot of money and time.
  • It is very simple to make the online application.

E certificate- Types

  • The residence certificate is the proof of address for the citizen as it certifies it.
  • The income certificate is the proof for annual income earned by a citizen individually or the annual income earned by the citizen’s family entirely.
  • The guardianship certificate is the proof of the minor’s custody holder.
  • The cost certificate specifies the cost of the citizen, and it gets issued to the people who belong to scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe, SEBC and OBC.
  • The legal heir certificate is one of the special documents which is meant for establishing the relationship that exists between the person deceased and their legal heir. It is used for the inheritance of the assets or the transfer of the same.
  • The Other certificates and licenses are the other kind of important certificates, including the asset or the income certificate for the number registration system, seed licenses, etc., all of these certificates can be obtained using the e district Odisha  portal.

Aay Praman Patra or Income Certificate Application Procedure

  • The parent must take care of the application process for the child’s income certificate that is based on the work or the service and the annual income.
  • Employees are expected to submit their salary certificate, and non-salary employees, including farmers, laborers, etc., are expected to submit a self-declaration form mentioning the income source along with annual income in the application, with the INR 4 court fee stamp.
  • One is also required to submit a duly filled-up application form together with INR 3 court fee stamp. This is to be submitted at the nearest CSC together with other relevant documents, and for some waiting, this one will get an acknowledgment slip that will have a unique application number. Make sure to keep it safe.
  • For the Application process, the expected timeline is 15 working days.

Jati Praman Patra or Caste Certificate Application Procedure

  • Schedule caste and Scheduled tribe applicants required to fill the hand and submit the application form along with INR 3 court fee stamp, ROR, voter ID card, the recommendation received from either sarpanch or MP or MLA or Google statement with has been signed by at least 10 to 15 people within their locality. Together with this, a self-declaration form is also to be submitted with INR 4 court fee stamp at the nearby CSC.
  • For the application process to be completed and the certificate to be received, the estimated time is 30 working days.

Niwas Praman Patra or Resident Certificate Application Procedure

  • The certificate can be applied from the end of any candidate irrespective of their age group. In order to do so, the candidate’s Aadhar card will be required along with the land document of the parents, EPIC, Gas card or another resident proof.
  • The candidate is expected to submit the duly filled application along with INR 3 court fee stamps and other relevant Documents at nearby CSC.
  • For the application process to be completed and the certificate to be received, the estimated time is 15 working days.

Registration of Digital Signature

  • As per the Digital Signature card, make sure to download a particular driver.
  • Once done, download Java 1.7 into the system.
  • The open control panel on the device and click on the option program.
  • Click on Java and then make sure to press General and finally the option Temporary internet file.
  • Go to settings as part of the next step and click delete all files. 
  • Once again, go back to the control panel, click program, Java, security and finally edit the site list.
  • Next, click on the option Add the Service plus URL and make sure that the security level is brought down to medium.
  • Once done, log in using login details and then click on the option DSC management option.
  • Lastly, click on the option register your DSC, and that’s it; the process will be completed.

E District certificate Odisha- Application Procedure

  • Visit the official portal of the Odisha e District, and from e district home page, click on the option login. E District Odisha
  • Now select the register option, and when the new window opens, with the Application form, provide details including name, mobile number, state, email id and alike, correctly. E District Odisha
  • Enter the captcha code and then click on the option validate. E District Odisha
  • Once done, you can now click on the option login and provide the email id or the password/OTP and then fill up the captcha code therein.
  • Then click on login.
  • Once the successful login process has been done, click on the option certificate for which candidate wants to make an application.
  • The Application will appear right in front, wherein one will be required to fill up all the relevant details and then click on the option submit. 
  • Reference number gets generated. Save it for future reference.

E District Status Check Procedure

  • Visit the official portal of the Odisha e District.
  • From e district home page, click on the option Application status that is available under the section of quick links. E District Odisha
  • A new window will open wherein one will be required to enter the reference number, and once done, click on the option submit.
  • After the process is completed, e District Application status will appear right in front of the computer screen.

Helpline Details

Hope all details discussed above were sufficient. However, if you still have any concerns, make sure to use the below-mentioned details to connect with them to clear the doubts.


E District Certificate Odisha- How can citizens apply for it?

The citizens can make an application for the service through the offline or the online mode, but in order to do this, one will need to register themselves at the portal. In order to complete the offline process, one would need to contact the CSC center (any of it) to apply for the service.

How can the applicant track the application status online?

The above details provide step-by-step instructions for checking e district application status. Give a read to know better. 

How can I get a printout of the issued e certificate?

One can print the certificate issued by visiting the portal, logging in and then clicking on track application status, entering the application reference number and finally, the option to print will be available.

How can I verify e certificate issued?

The e certificate verification can be done by visiting e district Odisha portal. Therein click on the option verify your certificate option and enter the application reference number and also the token number which is printed on the certificate. Once done, click on the option download certificate.

Is it possible to apply to all e certificates through the e district Odisha portal?

Yes, one can do so.

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