(Apply Online) WB Kharif Paddy procurement Scheme 2021: Registration Form

WB Kharif Paddy procurement scheme, it’s an initiative by the West Bengal government to ensure complete support to all farmers. Under the scheme, the government will provide free rice to around 10 crore West Bengal State beneficiaries till June 2021. The government has the plan for procuring the Kharif paddy for the public distribution system as they have the plan for maintaining a completely unhindered supply for the free rice to all the beneficiaries till June.

With respect to the above information about the scheme, this article has been prepared to provide complete details about it. Give a read to know about the eligibility criteria, application process, benefits of the scheme, application status and much more. 

Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme

13 lakh farmers have already enrolled within the scheme as per the concerned organisation associated with the scheme. As per the expectation for paddyprocurement scheme, around 72 lakh Paddy farmers as beneficiaries will be registered. According to the authority, their plan is to reach out to the maximum of the farmers through the means of this scheme. Around 45 quintals of paddy will get procured by the government from each of the farmers, and the price of it has still not been fixed. The government is trying to achieve your unhindered rises supply to PDS within the scheme, which was launched in December 2020.

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Kharif Procurement Scheme- Key Details

  • This scheme has been launched by the government of West Bengal.
  • The objective of this scheme is to provide an unhindered rice supply to the farmers.
  • The farmers are the beneficiaries under the scheme.

Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme- Objective

  • The main objective is to provide West Bengal State farmers with proper support.
  • As per the news, there has been Paddy’s low demands, and this has given a severe hit to the prices. All of the farmers have been affected, and the price is falling. Considering this, the government wants to provide a minimum support price as the prizes have been falling given below the MSP by the government.
  • A ceiling price will also be imposed by the government of West Bengal on paddy amount which is to be procured from the end of each of the farmer as this will help the farmers not only in the short run but in the long run in order to have better income.
  • Farmers who enrol within the scheme will be able to get the benefit of the minimum price.

Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme- Benefits

  • To provide to the farmers a ceiling price on paddy and rice.
  • 45 quintals paddy will be procured by the government of West Bengal concerned authorities associated with the scheme from each of the farmer so as to support them in the long run.
  • The prices herein will be provided as per the selling price, which will be set by the government of West Bengal.
  • As per the data available in the financial year 2019, the maximum paddy procurement got up to 90 quintals from each of the farmers, and the MSP was INR 1868 per quintal.
  • Currently, the government is planning to purchase around 45 quintals of the paddy from the end of each of the farmer.
  • As per the market data available currently, the MSP of the paddy in the market is between INR 1200- INR 1300 per quintal.

Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme- Features

  • Free rice will be provided by the end of the West Bengal government to announce 10 crore West Bengal State people in June 2021.
  • The government was going to procure around 22 lakh tonne, the rest from May and this would shortly ease up the market pressure.
  • From 50 lakh tonne paddy, 30 tonnes has already been procured by the state from the Kisan Mandi West Bengal.
  • 13 lakh farmers approximately have done paddy registration under the concerned authority announced scheme.
  • It is expected 72 lakh farmers in total to be registered under this scheme.
  • The state has different plans for setting up some special surveillance system for ensuring that all of the enrolled farmers are selling their harvest not to the hoarders but to the government.

Paddy Procurement Portal- Services Available

One can avail of the following services through the portal,

  • Farmer login
  • Old KMS
  • Login and rise mill registration
  • Circulars
  • FAQs
  • Contact

Paddy Registration of Rice Mill- Procedure

  • Visit the official portal (https://procurement.wbfood.in/), and on the home page, click on the option rice mill रजिस्ट्रेशन। Paddy Procurement
  • On the new page, if one has already registered themselves, they can log in, and if not, they can register themselves by clicking on the option new registration. Paddy Procurement
  • An application form will be appearing on the screen; make sure to fill in all of the details correctly and then click on the option submit.

Farmer Login

  • A new page will appear right in front of the computer screen. Paddy Procurement
  • Make sure you enter all of the credentials, including the phone number and the registration number, correctly.
  • Once done, enter the captcha code and then click on the submit option.

Notification Download

  • On the home page, click on the option notification, which is a part of the sub-menu of circulars.
  • A new page will appear right in front of the computer screen wherein one will be able to check all of the notifications with date, number and also subject.
  • Find out the notification which is to be downloaded and then click on the option download.
  • Notification will appear on the device, which one can check and download.

Helpline Number

We have made sure to provide every single piece of information required to access the platform, but even after the same, if you still have any concern, you can reach out to the authority through the helpline number and the address mentioned below. 

  • 1800 345 5505 or 1967 (Toll-free number)
  • Khadyashree Bhawan 11A, Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata 7000 87.
  • For more details one can visit the portal (https://procurement.wbfood.in/), click on the option contact and get the information.


Kharif paddy procurement scheme- what is it?

With the help of the scheme, the government will allow the farmers for taking their paddy to Kisan Mandi West Bengal and then sell it at the price which has already been fixed.

Who are Kharif paddyprocurement scheme Beneficiaries?

The West Bengal farmers are the beneficiaries of this scheme.

Under the WB Kharif Paddy procurement Scheme, what is the minimum sale price?

According to the state government decision, INR 1885 per quintal is the minimum sale price under the scheme.

In order to get more FAQs, one can visit the official portal (https://procurement.wbfood.in/) of the scheme and click on the option FAQs to know in detail more information about the scheme.

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