Prochesta Online Application, Eligibilty and Other Info

When the government saw that the danger of infection is rising in the country they announced a lockdown. It is was a very strict lockdown that was aimed to stop the spread of this deadly virus. In that lockdown, the government put a complete ban on most of the activities such as business, travel, etc. that we do outside the house. But a complete ban on all types of commercial activities affected daily wage workers the most. Such people literally have to earn each and every day for their livelihood. Even a single day off can cause financial problems for them. Whereas there was a total lockdown for so many days.

Keeping the above condition of daily wagers in mind the West Bengal government launched a scheme called Prochesta Prokolpo. The people who are eligible for this scheme have to complete their registration first. In this article we are going to talk about the prochesta online application process, we will also discuss its eligibility criteria and some of its features as well. So if you want to get all that knowledge then make sure to read this article till the end.

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Prochesta Prokolpo Scheme: Overview

Prochesta is a government welfare scheme started in the state of West Bengal. This scheme was started by West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee to provide some financial support to the daily wage workers. Prochesta prokolpo scheme was launched after when the whole country was in lockdown to control the spread of a deadly virus. Under this scheme, the government of West Bengal announced to give rupees 1000 to every eligible daily wager. This scheme can be called the relife package from the state government to its people. To ensure the benefit of this scheme to the needy people the authorities have created eligibility criteria. Only the people who qualify the criteria can apply for this scheme. 

Eligibility Criteria

Just like any other government scheme this scheme also has some eligibility criteria. These criteria are to ensure that the scheme should only benefit the actual needy people. Following are some criteria:-

1. Since this scheme is launched by the state government of West Bengal for its people then the applicant must be a permanent citizen of the state.

2. Prochesta scheme is only for the daily wager who are affected by the lockdown. Therefore the applicant who has any other source of income is not eligible for this scheme.

3. Multiple people from a single family are not allowed to take benefit from this scheme. Only one person from each family can be benefited.

4. The applicant should be the only bread earner of his/her family. If there is more than one person in a family who earns then they are not eligible.

5. After applying for this scheme District Magistrate/Commissioner should have a reason to believe that the applicant is actually going through extreme financial distress. 

6. The applicant shouldn’t be a beneficiary of other schemes such as social pension scheme, samajik suraksha yojana, or any other social welfare scheme of the state government. 

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Benefits the Scheme

1. Under this scheme government will supply the rice at Rs. 2/Kg to the people at the time of virus infection. 

2. Government will give a financial help of rupees 1000 to each eligible daily wager in the unorganized sector. 

3. At the time of infection the government of West Bengal will provide special leave to the infected person.

Documents Needed

To prove that the applicant is eligible for this scheme they need some official documents. Following are some of the documents needed for this scheme:- 

1. Details of applicant’s bank account.

2. An active mobile no. to receive all the updates.

3. Proof of Residence 

4. Aadhar Card

Prochesta Online Application

To do the prochesta online application people have to visit the official website government website for it. But the government has also listed an offline mode by which you can do the offline application. We listing the whole step by step procedure below:-

Note:- If we talk about the online application process then it has to be done with the help of the official government portal only i.e. But by the time we are writing this article we found that the website isn’t functional. So in the upcoming steps, we will tell you the offline method to apply for this scheme.

Step 1- First of all, you have to visit the local government office to obtain the application.

  • You can visit the office of Commissioner of Kolkata Municipal corporation
  • Visit the office of the district magistrate or the office designated by the district magistrate.

Step 2- After obtaining the application form from authorities you have to fill the form. The form will ask you to enter details such as:-

  • Name Of The Applicant
  • Father Name
  • Gender
  • Date Of Birth
  • Age
  • Voter ID No.
  • Ration Card No.
  • Aadhaar Card No.
  • District
  • Assembly
  • Area
  • GP/ Ward No.
  • House/ Premises
  • Post Office
  • Police Station
  • Mobile Number

Step 3- Now affix a recently clicked passport size picture of yours on the application form.

Step 4- There will be a self-declaration column at bottom of the form. Read the declaration carefully and then sign the form.

Step 5- Now take that form to the designated office and submit it.

Try to fill the form carefully to avoid any type of mistake. Because if you make any mistake and give wrong information then authorities might not approve your application. According to the official document by the government, the authorities will not accept the bulk application. The applicants have to submit their applications by themselves only. 

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Approval Process of Application

Under this scheme, the district magistrate will do all the arrangements to receive the application. In the urban areas, SDOs are authorized to enquire and process the application. Whereas in the rural areas this work will be completed by the BDO in rural areas. In the KMC areas the Commissioner, KMC will do all the arrangements to receive, enquire and process the application in those areas. For this scheme, the Labour Department, Government of West Bengal will work as the Nodal Department.

Final Words 

This scheme can be a very helpful one for the daily wagers in the state of West Bengal. We have tried to give all the real information to you regarding the prochesta online application. If you like the information that we have shared then you can also share this article with your friends.

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