YSR Badugu Vikasam 2021: Apply Online, Status & Beneficiary List

YSR Badugu Vikasam Scheme, it is an initiative by the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, YSR Jaganmohan Reddy. The scheme is expected to help the scheduled tribes and caste by helping them to be a part of the Industrialist category. Considering it all, this article has been prepared to provide the complete details about the Badugu Vikasam 2021, including the eligibility criteria, step-by-step procedure, and alike to help one apply for the provided opportunity.

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Badugu Vikasam, 2021

With this new scheme implementation, the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister has brought ahead of the initiation of varied programs for the scheduled tribes and castes. Under the scheme, lands have also been allotted to the beneficiaries in the industrial regions. As of now, amidst the lands to be allotted, 6% land has been allotted to the scheduled tribes, while 16.2% land has been allotted to the scheduled castes. It has also been confirmed from the end of the authorities that they will be taking some special steps for building the industries for the upcoming industrialists for their future use. Apart from this, some of the special industrial policies have also been brought forward for the Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes by the Andhra Pradesh Government.

Badugu Scheme- Launch

  • Since the date of 26th October, 2020, when the badugu scheme was launched, many steps have been taken by the government for helping the poor belonging to the category of the scheduled tribe and scheduled castes.
  • With the opening ceremony in regards to the scheme, many programs (Navaratnalu program) were started by the government for providing people the help they needed to become the future’s best industrialists.
  • For the human resource development in the state, the scheme has been one of the best steps taken by the government, and a lot of betterment is being expected for the upcoming future.

Badugu Vikasam

  • The name of the scheme is- YSR Badugu Vikasam. The scheme has been launched by the Andhra Pradesh chief minister.
  • The objective of this scheme is to provide to the people belonging to scheduled castes and tribes industrial benefits.
  • The beneficiaries under the scheme are the people belonging to Scheduled castes and tribes.
  • The official portal link to know YSR Badugu Vikasam Status and other details is- www.ap.gov.in/

Badugu Vikasam- Benefits

  • It will help with the scheme’s implementation and the other schemes that would come along as a part of it. It will also help to provide the people with pensions and patas distribution to around 30 lakh housing sites which are meant to be registered in the name of women as the beneficiaries.
  • Full reimbursement of money is also being implemented by the government of Andhra Pradesh to help all parents to escape the debt of their children’s education.
  • The government is working on setting up the system that includes the ward, village, and the volunteers, all of which would be helping for the distribution of the benefits within the scheme in between all of the beneficiaries.

Badugu Vikasam- Objectives

  • The major objective of the scheme implementation is, providing a better surrounding to people who belong to different caste/creeds.
  • The government of the state is also trying to bring some big companies, including Reliance, Amul, and PNG, for ensuring the best marketing and better steps taken so as to ensure that the owners of the small businesses can be helped better.
  • The scheme implementation is meant to ensure a chance in the complete change for poor people conditions.
  • Anyone who has had trouble within their daily lives, they would get benefited a lot from the scheme launched by YSR Jaganmohan Reddy.

Badugu Vikasam- Features

  • For per unit power charges, there will be increased reimbursement by 25 paise, and the investment subsidy will rise by 10%.
  • INR 75 lakh is the capped-up subsidy amount for the service sector and the units which are transport-related.
  • Increase in reimbursement of power cost by INR 1.50 per unit.
  • For the MSMEs, there would be within the interest subsidy an enhancement of 9%.
  • The manufacturing units set up by the scheduled castes and tribe entrepreneurs, they will be getting a 45% investment subsidy. Their cap here will be INR 1 crore.
  • For MSMEs, the interest subsidy, which was previously fixed at 3% as per the industrial policy, well, the same has been increased by 9% within the YSR Badugu Vikasam scheme.
  • For the machinery, seed capital assistance will be provided of 25% to the 1st-generation entrepreneurs who are establishing the micro-units.
  • Of the plots, a reservation will be made of 16.2% for the scheduled castes and 6% for the scheduled tribes.
  • The entrepreneurs belonging to scheduled castes and tribes, they will be required only to pay 25% of the land cost upfront. The balance payment can be easily made over the period of 8 years, for which an interest rate will be charged 8%.
  • In all of the district industries centers, dedicated scheduled castes and tribes entrepreneur facilitation cells would be set up for the handholding support.
  • In order to provide the required skills and capabilities, entrepreneurship development programs will get taken.
  • The capacity building for future-ready opportunities for investment doing sectoral studies, doing skill development training programs, and also in respective sectors identification of varied marketing opportunities will all be taken up by the government for the entrepreneurs belonging to scheduled castes and tribes.
  • Badugu Vikasam, it is expected to encourage the scheduled castes and tribes’ increased participation by providing special incentives package.
  • It is expected that the new policy will help a lot for the promotion of the service sector and the manufacturing sector amidst the communities that are socially disadvantaged for creating a larger economic impact.

Badugu Vikasam- Documentation

  • Caste certificate
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Aadhaar card

Badugu Vikasam- Eligibility criteria

  • The beneficiaries belonging to scheduled castes and tribes, they are not working within different companies.
  • Andhra Pradesh permanent resident.
  • Must be belonging to the state’s scheduled castes and tribes communities.
  • The entrepreneurs belonging to SC/ST communities, they will be required to pay 25% of the land cost upfront and the rest over 8 years with an interest rate of 8%, once the commercial production starts.

Badugu Vikasam- Application Procedure

Although the scheme has been launched recently, not much information has been provided about the same in-detail. However, it has been made sure to include the maximum herein, and the rest would be updated as soon as the same is received.

  • Visit the official portal of YSR Badugu Vikasam
  • On the homepage, select the option to apply online.
  • On the new page, an application form will be displayed.
  • Herein, make sure to provide all the required details including, name, husband & father name, caste, gender, DOB, and the other information as asked, and then make sure to upload all the relevant documents specified.
  • Once done, click on the option submit for the application’s final submission.


Badugu Vikasam scheme- what is it?

This scheme is an initiative of the Andhra Pradesh government with the objective to ensure that the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes members become self-reliant within the Andhra Pradesh state.

Who are the target group of people that the government is trying to help through the Badugu Vikasam scheme?

Any of the people belonging to the communities of scheduled castes and tribes are the target group of people that the government is trying to help through the scheme of badugu.

Has there been any tentative date for the online procedure application to start for the scheme?

No such official announcement has been made to date in regards to the start of the online application procedure in order to ensure application within the YSR Badugu Vikasam scheme by the Andhra Pradesh government.

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