YSR Housing Scheme 2023: Application Form, Beneficiary List

YSR Housing Scheme, an initiative by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh that has been started under the leadership of the chief minister, Mr. Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. Under this scheme, the government aims to provide the people (APL/BPL categories) with proper housing facilities. Any family that does not have proper availability of accommodation are eligible to apply within this scheme.

In consideration to the above, this article has been prepared to provide all important information and details regarding the scheme. From the application process to the eligibility criteria, one can find proper help within the same. Give a read to know further.

YSR housing scheme

YSR Housing Scheme- Benefit Distribution

  • YSR housing scheme, in the first phase of it, the Andhra Pradesh Government acquired around 68.361 acres of land worth INR 23,535 crores.
  • 16 lakh houses, an estimated number as such was constructed, and every single house cost INR 1.8 lakh.
  • As a part of the scheme, INR 28800 was spent.
  • The second phase of construction, it started on the date 25th December 2020, and it is expected that 28.3 lakh houses will be built within the time period of three years.
  • For the state’s women beneficiaries, around 30,75,755 houses will be distributed, and as for the data available from the date 25th December 2020, around 15,60,000 houses construction has already been initiated.

YSR Housing- Unveiled Layout

  • The layout was unveiled of the Gunkalam colony Andhra Pradesh chief minister on 30th December 2020.
  • This layout for the house site is expected to be the largest under the skin covering 397 acres of area and around 12301 plots.
  • It has also been announced but the chief minister that the layout will be becoming the Nagar Panchayat after the construction of the houses gets completed.
  • The layout has all of the basic amenities, including drinking water, health clinics, educational facilities, libraries, better roads, etc.
  • According to the announcement made, the future will not just see the construction of the houses but complete towns too.
  • INR 300000 will be the plot market value in the Gunkalam area, and after the construction gets completed, INR 600000 to 700000 will be the expected market price of the given plot.
  • The beneficiaries are going to receive these houses completely free of cost, and around 30.75 lakh beneficiaries have already been identified for receiving the benefit. 28.3 lakh house construction is a part of the YSR housing scheme‘s second phase.
  • TIDCO flats, around 2.62 lakh, is expected to be constructed. 1.6 lakh houses were to be constructed under the first phase with 7 thousand crores being spent over the same, and for the remaining 12.7 lakh houses, the construction of it was to be beginning in the next year.

AP Housing – Key Points

  • This department associated with the given scheme is the Department of Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation.
  • The scheme has been launched by the chief minister Mr. Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, and was announced by Mr. B Rajendranath Reddy.
  • The scheme was launched on 12th July 2019.
  • The beneficiaries within the scheme are the Andhra Pradesh citizens.
  • The eligible candidates can apply under the scheme either online or through offline mode.
  • It is a scheme operating within the state government.
  • The official website for the given scheme is https://apgovhousing.apcfss.in/index.jsp

YSR Housing- Basic Amenities Availability

  • The mega Housing programs court reviewed by Andhra Pradesh chief minister at the camp office in Tadepalli.
  • Proper instructions were provided to the concerned officials in respect to YSR Jagananna colonies to resemble the model colonies. By no means should it look like slums.
  • From the inclusion of underground drainage to proper library facilities, every single basic immunity is to be provided within the colonies.
  • Instruction was also provided to the officials for providing material related to construction, including steel and cement at a subsidized rate, to around 15 lakh beneficiaries.
  • It was asked to prepare the action plan so that the funds can be released timely for house construction.
  • 15 lakh houses were to be constructed within the first phase, and for the beneficiaries who are choosing to build their house on their own, they were to be provided at a subsidized rate important and relevant materials.
  • Officials were instructed to revisit every layout and making sure that the colonies which are being constructed is done beautifully and can provide a better environment.
  • Under the scheme, proper underground drainage was also to be set up, and roads were to be constructed.
  • The availability of Anganwadis, in new colony, having a population of 2000, is to be made available, and the library for every 1500-5000 households is also to be provided as part of the plan.
  • Construction of the park was also a priority to be made, and best practices must be assured for proper maintenance of sanitation as well as hygiene.
  • Lastly, every single house within this scheme was also asked to be geotagged.

YSR Housing Scheme- Current Situation

  • According to the available data through the announcement made by the chief minister, the officials were informed that Distribution of house site patta, within the scheme, around 9668 is already completed, and the distribution of the houses has got an extension till 20th January 2021. 
  • All throughout the state, around 39% of the houses have been expected to be distributed to date.
  • The completed colonies under the scheme amount to 17000, and the rest is expected to be completed soon.
  • Proper directions have also been provided to the officials for resolving the concerns related to housing site distribution sooner.
  • A promise was also made for making the Ap housing sanction list available within 90 days for all of the eligible beneficiaries as per the Ap housing beneficiary scheme, and the given list was to be displayed at the notice board of ward/village secretariat.
  • The officials have been completely and clearly directed for the completion of all formalities within the given timeframe.

YSR Housing Scheme- Comparison With TIDCO

INR 3200 crore debt was left by the previous government. The current Andhra Pradesh government has not just cleared INR 1200 but is also expected to clear the rest amount in the two phases. Under the scheme of TIDCO,

  • 262216 houses are already under construction.
  • Within the above side number 143600 houses, they are of 300sq feet, 44300 are of 365sq feet, and 74300 are of 430sq feet.
  • A sale agreement is what will be distributed to the 2.6 lakh houses under the TIDCO scheme.
  • December 23, 2020, since the date a campaign which was week-long was started by the government of Andhra Pradesh wherein in the beneficiaries under the scheme were provided a choice in between Jagan housing scheme and Chandrababu scheme.
  • It was the job of the volunteers associated with the campaign to explain both of the given schemes to the beneficiaries, and they will also be taking their opinion.
  • 300 square feet houses were to be allocated by the government by 25th December 2020. The beneficiaries were just required to pay INR 1 by means of the agreement of sale.

YSR Housing Scheme – Energy-Efficient Houses

Its the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh who is to inaugurate the model house located at Komaragiri village. The given houses which will be distributed will be completely energy-efficient, and they have been built for supporting BEE & the SWISS confederation. It has all been done under the assistance provided by APSECM. As a part of the houses under the scheme, the innovative indo-swiss thermally comfortable and energy-efficient Technology building designs will be presented that will by reducing the temperature by around 2-4 degrees. This kind of Technology will be helping to save at least 20% of electricity and will also be promoting a very safe and healthy environment. These houses will also have adequate and decent accommodation together with the basic amenities for improving the living quality of the Beneficiaries.

YSR Housing Scheme- Budget Sanctioned

It was on 16th June 2020 when the Finance Minister Mr. B Rajendranath Reddy, formally introduced a budget for the state (FY 2020-21). As a part of this state budget, some major highlights were fund allocation to 21 welfare schemes which were run under the name of the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. YS Jaganmohan Reddy and late YS Rajasekhara Reddy, so as to ensure that the needy people can be provided with financial help. Even after the covid crisis, and also the poor financial condition of the government, proper priority was given to the welfare schemes, and INR 3691.79 also got sanctioned by the government for the housing sector.

Smart Town Scheme- Application

Jagananna Smart Town Scheme, it is also an initiative by the Andhra Pradesh government for the low-income and middle-class communities. Through this scheme, the government is trying to provide home space to the beneficiaries within 5 kilometers of the municipal corporation. The houses within this scheme will be provided with complete facilities, and all the people whose annual income is between 3-18 lacs are eligible for making an application within the scheme. Even Government employees are welcomed to apply. 150-240 yards, it will be provided as a part of scheme houses as per the beneficiaries annual income, and a demand survey will also be conducted (6th June-17th June 2021). This ap housing beneficiary search will help to understand their demand.

The best part of the aforesaid scheme is that the lower-income group and the middle-class people will be able to fulfill their dream of having their own houses. From all over the state, the applicants can make the application within the scheme.

Some basic facilities which will be provided as a part of the smart town scheme include proper water supply, solar panel, School buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, Anganwadi center, broad road, proper drainage system, etc.

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Smart Town Scheme- Eligibility Criteria

  • Andhra Pradesh permanent resident.
  • Individuals with annual income between 3 lakh- 18 lakh.
  • 150 square yard plots will be provided to the applicants who are having an annual income between 3-6lakh.
  • 200 square yard plots will be provided to the applicants who are having an annual income between 6-12 lakh.
  • 240 square yard plots will be provided to the applicants who are having an annual income in between 12-18 lakh.

Smart Town Scheme -Features

  • To the middle-income and low-income groups, plots will be provided under this scheme. Beneficiaries who do not have their own house and are Andhra Pradesh residents can apply under the scheme.
  • Government employees can make an application.
  • Basic amenities will be provided, and the scheme and the municipal corporation will be available for these town areas within 5kms.
  • Within the smart Town list, the Ongole municipal corporation areas (Mukthinuthalapadu, Donka, Koppolu, Mangamur roads) are included.

YSR Pedalandariki Illu Housing Scheme

This scheme was launched by Andhra Pradesh Government on 25th December 2020. As a part of the benefit, the beneficiaries were to get houses free of cost. The scheme has identified around 30.6 lakh beneficiaries across the state. In order to make the area litigation free, all of the documents were also to be provided with respect to free housing sites. The district collectors were instructed by the chief minister to complete the preparatory work and to make sure the distribution of the housing sites can be done on time. On some of the sites, there exist the stay orders that have been issued by the High court, and in respect to the same, it was instructed to officials trying to take proper steps for vacating the stay order.

YSR Pedalandariki Illu Housing Scheme- Flat Distribution

  • Two phases are part of the scheme.
  • The construction was to begin from 25th December 2020 and has been expected to continue till 2022 June.
  • As a part of the 2nd phase, the construction will be continuing till June 2023.
  • 15.1 lakh houses are to get constructed under the first phase of the scheme, and as a part of the 2nd phase, 13 lakh houses will be constructed.
  • On every single house, INR 1.8 lakh will be spent as part of expenditure and beneficiaries will receive these houses free of cost.
  • It is expected that the given scheme will provide a boost to the economy of the state and will help create better employment opportunities.

AP YSR EWS Housing Scheme

The Ap housing scheme was launched by the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh on 12th July 2019 with an aim to provide to houses to the poor people who cannot afford to build own house. This promise was one amidst the nine promises made to the people during the campaign. The concerned scheme has been named after the father name (YS Rajshekhara Reddy) of the Chief Minister, and it was previously known by the name NTR housing scheme. This scheme has been brought head for providing benefits to people belonging to LIG/EWS/MIG categories. The government, through this scheme, is also going to regulate the,

  • YSR economic weaker section housing scheme- an initiative taken by the state government for the economically weaker section living within the state of Andhra Pradesh. The government, through this scheme, is trying to provide pucca houses to all beneficiaries. INR 1280 crore has already been allocated for this purpose under the state budget.
  • PMAY- YSR (Gramin) scheme- this scheme, it has been initiated for the development of the rural area within the state, and as per the scheme, both the central and the state government are going to make a joint effort for rural area development.
  • PMAY- YSR (urban) scheme- this is a joint initiative between the Central and the state government for providing pucca houses to all within the state. The beneficiaries are the poor, lower-income group and the middle-income section group. The main aim of this scheme is the development of the urban area within the state by 2022. INR 5000 crore has been sanctioned by the Central Government of India for the scheme implementation, and INR 1000 crore has been allocated by the state government.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Andhra Pradesh permanent resident
  • The beneficiary should not have their own house/land
  • Caste certificate to be provided
  • BPL/APL ration card to be owned

Documents Required

  • Address proof and Aadhar card
  • Passbook of the bank account 
  • Domicile certificate
  • Mobile number
  • Beneficiary photo
  • Income

YSR Housing Scheme- Application Procedure

  • Visit the official portal of the YSR housing scheme (https://housing.ap.gov.in/), and from the home page, click on the option registration/login.
  • On the new page, provide the required details as asked by the application form very carefully. 
  • Make sure that all of the required documents get uploaded.
  • Once done, review the application form before submitting the same.
  • As a part of the last step, click on the option submit and take the printout of the application form.
  • Make sure to keep the application form safe so as to use it for future reference.

YSR Housing Scheme- Final List

According to the given scheme, the government has aimed for the distribution of free houses on the Ugadi Andhra Pradesh citizens who are eligible for application within this scheme can do so from the official portal (https://housing.ap.gov.in/). The Andhra Pradesh government will be releasing the ap housing sanction list, which will be the final selection list under the scheme, and the names that will appear in it will be eligible for getting the houses within the first slot. The eligible beneficiaries who have not applied for those given schemes can make an application and make sure to get the benefit associated.

In order to view the beneficiary list, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Visit the official portal of the YSR housing scheme (https://housing.ap.gov.in/and select the final beneficiary list from the homepage.
  • On the new page, provide all of the required details correctly.
  • Once done, click on the option submit, and the beneficiary list will be displayed right in front of the computer screen.

AP Housing Scheme Beneficiary Search

  • Visit the official portal of the YSR housing scheme (https://housing.ap.gov.in/), and from the home page, click on the option beneficiary सर्च। YSR Housing
  • On the new page, provide the beneficiary id/UID/ration card number. 
  • Once done, click on the option search, and the beneficiary status will be provided on the computer screen.

YSR Housing Scheme – Login Procedure

  • Visit the official portal of Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation (https://housing.ap.gov.in/), and from the home page, click on the option sign in. 
  • On the new page that appears, provide the username and password along with the captcha code. 
  • One done click on the option login to use the portal.

YSR Housing Scheme- Distributed Houses District Wise List

  • Ananthapuramu- 217324
  • Chittor- 238209
  • East Godavari- 327929
  • Guntur- 326737
  • Krishna- 274649
  • Kurnool- 190876
  • Prakasam- 147243
  • SPSR Nellore- 150735
  • Srikakulam- 140304
  • West Godavari- 225862
  • Vishakhapatnam- 286615
  • Vizianagaram- 136505
  • YSR Kadapa- 167239

YSR Housing- Jagananna Colonies Scheme

A new housing scheme named as YSR Jagan Anna colonies scheme was launched by the cabinet committee on economic affairs on 8th July 2020. With the launch of this scheme, the government aims to provide the beneficiaries the land along with the documents for house construction. Banks will also be getting proper instructions from the end of the government so as to ensure proper financial support for the beneficiaries. Around 60000 beneficiaries have been estimated or identified by some of the authorities, and there are 10,000 applications which is still under consideration.

Jagan Anna Colony Plot Information

The Kadapa district has taken under its administration the scheme at pulivendula town. It covers around 255 acres of area, and the beneficiaries will be getting 1-1.5% of the associated lined with proper documentation from the end of the government. 750 4 layouts have been formed by the authorities in the district, and it has 95549 plots ready to be allocated; and for every single layout, 10% of the land will be used for the community purpose like the building of the playgrounds and parks. The development of this land project, it will be taking place on the war footing basis.

Jagananna Colonies Facilities

Under this scheme, the beneficiaries will be getting the house in the Jagananna colonies, which will be provided with complete facilities of proper road, drinking water, etc. These colonies will also have social infrastructure facilities, including anganwadis, village clinics, etc. A very pleasant atmosphere is expected to be provided to the people living in these colonies, and innovative ways will be used for building the roads that will lead to these colonies. Proper street light facilities will also be provided as a part of it.

The officials have also been directed by the chief minister for building the colony entrance innovatively. The sapling should be in the definite pattern, and proper underground drainage will also be provided. The officials have been asked to take beneficiaries’ suggestions before 20th January 2021, and by 10th January 2021, finalization was expected to be made for road repair work tender with an estimated cost of INR 560 crores. The repair work was to be beginning on 10th January 2021. Within the colonies, half-acre land will be required to be provided near the rythu Bharosa Kendra for providing facilities, including cold storage, warehousing, etc. The identification of the land in respect to the same was to be completed by the date specified, which was 31st January 2021. In the village center, five cents of the land was also required for the purpose of Janata Bazaar.

Helpline Number

After reading the above article hope all of your doubts have been cleared and the information has been received. Just in case if you still have any kind of query, kindly connect on the below mentioned contact details.

  • Helpline number- 1100 toll-free
  • Email ID- helpdesk.apshcl@apcfss.in


For the application of the YSR housing scheme, which documents will be required?

Some of the documents including Aadhar card, passbook of the account, income certificate, etc. Will be required as important documents. In order to get a detailed Idea, give the above article a read.

How to register for the YSR housing scheme?

One can visit the official portal of the YSR housing scheme (https://housing.ap.gov.in/and from the home page, click on the option apply online. On the next page that appears, provide the details, including the father or the husband’s name, information about gender and caste, etc. Make sure all of the information entered is correct and upload all of the asked documents. As a part of the last step, click on the option submit for applying.

YSR housing scheme status- how to check it?

Visit the official portal of the YSR housing scheme (https://housing.ap.gov.in/and from the homepage, click on the option YSR housing scheme sanction list 2021. Download the list and from the list, find the name of the beneficiary. Check properly if the beneficiaries name, father’s name and a mobile number have been provided within the ap housing sanction list.

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