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Launched by the state government of Andhra Pradesh, the YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme is meant for providing financial assistance to the farmers. This scheme, it is known for having some of the similarities with that of Kisan Samman Nidhi, a central government flagship scheme. For anyone who is eligible under this scheme and has made the application for it, they are covered within the beneficiary status check process. One can easily check through the list from the given official website Raithu bharosa.ap.gov.in.  by following the below-mentioned guide.

This article has been prepared for providing the information in regards to ysr rythu bharosa list 2021. It includes the procedure for checking the beneficiary list, payment status and all of the other relevant information related to the same. Give a read to know more and better.

Rythu Bharosa Instalment 2021-22

It was in one of the recent cabinet meetings wherein the Andhra Pradesh chief minister had made a decision for crediting the first instalment of the Rythu bharosa for the FY 2021-22. INR 3900 crores will be spent as a part of the first instalment, which was meant to be deposited in the bank account of the farmers (52.34 lakhs in number) as on 13th May 2021. Within this first instalment, every single Farmer is supposed to get INR 7500 through the DBT method, directly credited into the account.

In the previous FY, a deposit of INR 4.40 lakh crore was deposited from the end of the government in the 54 lakhs account of the farmers. In the current year, apart from INR 3900 crore, an additional INR 2000 crore will be provided from the end of the government to the associated beneficiaries. As of today, within this scheme, in a total of INR 16983.23 crores has already been spent. In the financial year 2019-20, 46.69 lakh farmers got benefited from this scheme, and in the previous financial year, 51.59 lakh farmers the beneficiaries under the rythu bharosa scheme.

YSR Rythu Bharosa – Third Instalment

The state government of Andhra Pradesh is providing every year INR 13500 to the farmers for coping up with the challenges in respect to farming. Under this scheme, the farmers will be getting the benefit for the 5 years period. The Andhra Pradesh government has already made the payment of INR 7500 and INR 4000 in the first and second instalment on 15th May 2020, and the other instalment was made on 27th of October 2020 to all of the farmers of the state. Asse on 28th of December 2020, Andhra Pradesh chief minister YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy, he finally made the third instalment deposit which was INR 2,000, in the account of beneficiaries (51.59 lakh).

  • INR 1766 crore was deposited in the bank account of farmers.
  • Amidst the above-said amount, INR 1120 crore was deposited as a part of the third instalment under the YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme.
  • INR 646 crore, the amount was deposited for the cyclone (October) affected farmers as subsidy.
  • The amount stated above, it was credited to the bank account of beneficiaries from the Tadepalli camp office.
  • Under the scheme, where are also considered the agricultural and the horticulture crops growing in 12.01 lakh acre land which got damaged because of the cyclone and affected 8.34 lakh farmers.
  • Helpline number- 155251 is also provided for the farmers who are facing any trouble.

YSR Rythu Bharosa List, 2021- Overview  

  • The name of the given scheme is YSR Rythu Bharosa.
  • The scheme has been launched under the Andhra Pradesh chief minister Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy.
  • The scheme falls under the department of agriculture and farmer welfare.
  • The beneficiaries here are the farmers belonging from Schedule caste & tribe, the minority and the backward class categories.
  • The scheme began in 2019 on the 15th of October. The first instalment was released on 15th May 2020, with the second instalment being released in October 2020.
  • As a part of the benefit under the scheme, INR 13500 per annum will be provided to the farmers for 5 years.
  • The official website for the beneficiaries to connect is https://ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in/

YSR Rythu Bharosa- Second Instalment

As a part of the second instalment, the Andhra Pradesh chief minister Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, credited INR 2,000 in each of the beneficiary accounts. A deposit of a total INR 1114.87 crore was deposited, and around 50,47,383 farmers were benefited under the scheme.

During the Rabi season, the landowners, schedule caste and tribes, backward classes along with minority contract farmers, forest land farmers and Dharmasav, where the eligible beneficiaries under the ap rythu bharosa scheme will receive the amount. Subsidies were also and input for the farmers who lost their crops between May to September month and for them, INR 113.11 crore was given to the agricultural farmers, and INR 22.59 crore was provided to the horticulture growers. The input subsidy amount was payable to every single district apart from Chittoor and Nellore. The amount under this is scheme was released on the 27th of October 2020.

YSR Raithu Bharosa- First instalment

Under the Ysr rythu bharosa pm Kisan scheme, families in a total of around 49 lakh were provided with a minimum support price. As the first instalment, the Andhra Pradesh chief minister distributed on 15th of May 2020 the financial aid to the associated beneficiary and eligible farmers. An announcement was also made by Jagan Mohan Reddy that INR 7500 was also meant to be distributed to the farmers, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, INR 2,000 was deposited in the bank accounts of the concerned beneficiary farmers in April 2020 and therefore, as a part of the scheme on 15th of May 2020 an amount of INR 5500 was released in every single farmer account. The instalment, as discussed above, was released respectively.

YSR Rythu Bharosa Payment Status

As a part of the financial year, 2019 to 2020, INR 6534 was spent by the state government for the successful implementation of the given scheme. INR 3675 crore was spent as a part of 1st phase. Three phases were expected for the release of the given amount and deposited within the beneficiary bank account directly through the DBT method.

Rythu Bharosa- Details About 3-Phases

  • First instalment- INR 2000 and INR 5500 was released in May 2020.
  • Second instalment- INR 4000 was released on the 27th of October 2020.
  • Third instalment- INR 2,000 was released in January 2021.

New Update Under YSR Rythu Bharosa

  • It was stated by the special commissioner of agriculture in April 2020 that an amount of INR 5500 will be provided as financial assistance for seed purchase to the farmers under this scheme.
  • List of eligible farmers where scheduled caste and tribe together with the minority and backward class category.
  • The farmers who were cultivating endowments department lands may also be supposed to receive INR 7500.
  • The list of eligible farmers was said to be displayed in the office of Gram Panchayat by the given district administration.
  • From 2020 May 15th, the supply of seed why are the centres of rythu bharosa at the subsidised rate was said to be started.
  • Anyone whose name was not on the given list was required to contact the by May 10th Mandal extension officer.

Farmer List- Ap Rythu Bharosa

  • It is a welfare scheme that was started under Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy where the farmers were the beneficiaries for receiving the financial assistance of INR 50000.
  • This declaration was a part of the 9 major promises that were made by the chief minister while conducting the election campaign.
  • The beneficiaries were to receive INR 12500 every year from the second month starting.
  • Under this scheme, the government was also providing 0% interest loans together with free borewells, food processing units and the cold storages.

YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme- Beneficiary List

  • The beneficiary list under this scheme gets prepared by the real-time government society.
  • In this situation, the concerned authorities identified 66,54,891 landowner farmers who were to receive the benefit.
  • 15.36 lakh tenant farmers were to be benefited from the scheme of farm investment support.
  • Landowner and the tenant of Andhra Pradesh, including all of it around 81.90 lakh farmers, were to be benefited under the scheme.
  • As a part of the previous decision, a plan was made by the government for giving the benefit under the scheme on a separate basis, but then the government had a merger of it with the pm Kisan scheme that was meant for landowner farmers.
  • The given financial assistance amount would be transferred directly to the bank account of the farmers by the DBT mode.

YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme- Benefits

  • 0% interest loan to the state farmers.
  • INR 13500 per year for 5 years as the financial help to be provided to each of the formal family.
  • INR 2500 per year for the tenant farmers.
  • Free electricity 9 hours a day.
  • Free bore well facilities.
  • No road tax payment for the tractors by the farmers.
  • Establishment of cold storage units all over the state.
  • INR 500000 as life insurance to be provided to the farmer’s family.
  • One premium of the insurance, the state government, will make the payment.
  • All of the irrigation projects which are pending will get completed.

Ap Rythu Bharosa Scheme- Objectives

  • To provide financial support to the farmers.
  • Development of the agricultural sector.
  • Increase crop production.
  • Production of the debt burden of the farmers.


  • Andhra Pradesh, the permanent resident, is eligible for applying.
  • Applicants should have an association with the agricultural sector.
  • The small marginal and agricultural tenants can also make an application.
  • The farmers are required to hold cultivated land- 5 acres.

YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme- Exclusions

The below-mentioned list is excluded for applying to the YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme.

  • Superannuated for the retired persons getting a monthly pension of INR 10,000 on more (In here, the multi-tasking staff, group D employees, class 4 employees, are eligible.)
  • Individuals paying the commercial/professional tax or have made the GST payment in the last assessment year.
  • Citizens owning the farmlands which have been converted to house sites or is being used for aquaculture or any other non-agricultural usage.
  • Any person who made the payment of income tax in the previous assessment year.
  • Professionals including engineers, chartered accountants, doctors, architects, etc., or any other person who is registered with one or another professional body and is carrying on with practices.
  • Former or current member of the Rajya sabha, Lok sabha, state legislative assembly, or council.
  • The former or current mayor of the given municipal Corporation.
  • Former or current chairperson of the district panchayat.
  • Institutional landholders or the farmer families in which one or another member is the former/present holder of a constitutional post or former/present state minister or any other minister.
  • Under the government running an autonomous institution or the state of the central Poses or any associated attached offices and also the regular employees of the given local bodies.
  • Any serving or retired person, Central Government employee or officer, state government officers/ministry/departments, and the other fields.

Portal Login Procedure

  • Once done, click on the option login and access the services freely.


YSR Rythu Bharosa List 2021- Checking Procedure

  • Visit the official portal (https://ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in/RBApp/index.html) and click on the option login from the given menu bar.
  • On the new page, provide the username along with the password, and after entering the captcha code, click on the option login.
  • In case the applicant forgot the password, they can click on the option forget the password.
  • Once done, provide the registered mobile number and click on the option get OTP.
  • After the OTP is received, enter the same in the designated area and create a new password.
  • Ponstan, click on the option verify, and you will be able to log in with the given user id and the password.
  • The given eligible beneficiary data, all of the same, will be displayed over the screen together with some important details like beneficiary name, name of the father, and the Katha number.
  • In the search box, provide the Katha number, and the beneficiary details will be provided right in front of the screen.

YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme – Offline Application Procedure

  • Visit the official portal (https://ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in/RBApp/index.html) and from the homepage, click on the option login.
  • On the new page, provide the username along with the password and the captcha code and click on the option login.
  • Once done, click on the download application from the link option, and the PDF file appears.
  • Click on the option download in order to do so and then take out the printout of the same.
  • Make sure to fill in the application correctly by providing all of the required information and attach the required documents.
  • Once done, submit the application form to the concerned department.

Beneficiary Information- Editing Procedure

  • After the above-mentioned information is followed for login, from the page, click on the option edit for editing the details that are given in the last column.
  • All of the beneficiary details will appear right in front, along with the web land information and also the PSS information.
  • If the given details are correct, one can click on the option to verify the status and then select the details matched.
  • Make sure to select the details, including the marital status, beneficiary type, and caste details.
  • Select the type of land, crop type, and finally click on check status.
  • If the details do not match, then click on the option details not matched and then select the option reject reason.
  • Once done, click on the option submit and save the given details.

YSR Rythu Bharosa- Procedure To Check The Payment Status

YSR Rythu Bharosa

  • Make sure to enter the captcha code correctly and then click on the option submit.
  • Rythu bharosa payment status will appear right in front of the screen.

Input Subsidy Status- How to check it?

  • Visit the official portal of Ysr rythu bharosa (https://ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in/RBApp/index.html) and from the homepage, click on the option to know your input subsidy status.
  • On the new page that appears, provide the Aadhar number for the mobile number and click on submit.
  • The given input subsidy status will appear right in front of the computer screen.

Rythu Bharosa Scheme- Guidelines

  • There does not exist any restriction for the landholding by the end of the landowner families.
  • For a given tenant farmer, a minimum of the required area has been provided, which the given farmer should lease,
  1. Agriculture, sericulture, and horticulture- 1 acre
  2. Vegetable, flowers, and the fodder crops- ½ acre
  3. Beta vines- 0.1 acre.

Grievance Status- View

  • By this simple procedure, one can view the status of their grievances.

Download Go’s- Procedure

  • Then, click on GOs, and from the two options, G.O.MS.No.96 and G.O.MS.No.113, click on the option of choice.
  • A completely new page will appear that will have the file in PDF format.
  • Click on the option for downloading it.

Helpline Number

If anyone has any other query in regards to the scheme, they can visit the official website (https://ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in/RBApp/index.html) or can connect with the team through the helpline number provided- 1902.

YSR Rythu Bharosa – FAQs

AP Ysr rythu bharosa scheme- What is it?

It is an initiative by the Andhra Pradesh government for providing financial assistance to the farmers of the state.

What benefits are associated with Ysr rythu bharosa Yojana?

The above-mentioned article provides every single detail about the given scheme. Please refer to know more.

Ysr rythu bharosa list- How to check it?

If the beneficiary wants to check whether or not the name is on the list, the above-mentioned discussed procedure will be very helpful to do the same.

How to check the payment status for rythu bharosa?

Proper guidelines have men provided above for checking the payment status. Follow it.

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